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About VTS Software

Originally established in Poland in 2007 but moved to the UK and re-launched in 2010 a software company with headquarters in Manchester and software development teams located in the UK and Poland. VTS Software was set-up to develop and implement cost-effective, bespoke software solutions that deliver quantifiable business benefits to clients in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare organisations and health economics consultancies. Currently, VTS provides a wide range of technological support to businesses including the development of bespoke mission critical-systems and infrastructure, the conversion of cost-effectiveness or budget impact models into dynamic desktop, web or mobile applications, the provision of outsourced IT teams, right through to the creation of database-driven applications, secure networks and simple hosting solutions.

Our core product, SRBD.PRO, is the first, enterprise level Business Intelligence platform designed specifically to improve the way in which the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare consultancies conduct systematic reviews and data analysis.

VTS Software is led by Michal Gizewski and Leszek Rogowski who are supported by a select team of creative and experienced software engineers and network specialists.

VTS Software employs only the brightest and best technical and business minds in the UK and Poland. Our dedicated team of software developers, statisticians and health outcomes consultants represents a broad spectrum of knowledge with proven experience in the successful delivery of complex projects to blue-chip companies.

Our people combine in-depth technology expertise with business acumen and a passion for innovation tempered with pragmatism. It’s this potent combination that produces software solutions capable of making an immediate and measurable difference to the productivity and profitability of our clients.

Selected VTS Clients include:


VTS Software has designed a “Smoking Prevalence and Interventions Cost Effectiveness (SPICE)” toolkit for Pfizer. The toolkit is used as a commissioning tool for the provision of services for people who want to give up the habit. VTS Software converted the original Markov model, which was provided in Excel form, into two applications, one of which was web-based the other a Windows based application, creating various outputs for analysis including numbers of people, health outcomes, costs and ratios of costs to outcomes.


VTS Software created a user friendly, interactive web-based portal – the “Global Value Dossier” – for Glaxo-Smith-Kline from a diverse set of differently formatted source material. Links between the different but related sections were established, and full text search engine and advanced authentication and authorisation functionality was developed, to allow users to access all information of interest much more rapidly than ever before.


VTS Software created a web–based risk assessment tool, the “Multiple Sclerosis Risk Calculator” which replaced the company’s previous Excel-spreadsheet based system. The tool helps predict disease progression in MS patients based on various patient characteristic variables.


“Eroom” was a set of easy-to-use, web-based applications created by VTS Software to support UCB in designing a Market Access Plan for its pharmaceutical products. “Eroom” was, in essence, a set of portals where all important information and evidence relating to a product could be stored, organised and exchanged between different members of a team. As the products progressed through clinical development stages further evidence could be added. Additional features included: granular access levels set up for different members of the team; a full text search engine; fully customizable report generation; and advanced authentication and authorisation functionality.